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Without question, it was our most successful board event.
Darrell Mercer

Chief Executive, A2Dominion

Thank you for everything you have done over the last year. I’ve loved working with you, and everything you have contributed has simply re-enforced my view that you are absolutely the best in the business.
Andy Donald

Director, London Borough of Brent

I have found the coaching immensely helpful in my development as a senior manager... Miffa is a very focused but patient coach


Just a quick note to say we really enjoyed the day yesterday... I feel really energised to take on any new challenges that come my way!

East London and Central Sector Acute Commissioning Unit

It was such a privilege to get to know you and to be your coachee. You are both inspiring and encouraging.

London South Bank University

We were just discussing the Away Day – lots of excellent comments about your facilitation, people really liked your approach. We found it a very productive day.
Usha Parmar

Public Realm Management Team, London Borough of Waltham Forest

A huge thank you for all your help and support over the past year. Your training has been outstanding and made a real difference to cementing teams together.
Caireen Rice

Senior Family Support Manager
London Borough of Camden

The coaching has really left a lasting impression on me. If I was to speak in earnest, you have helped me to start the process of overcoming my barriers and although there is still a long way to go, at least I know what needs to be done... Keep up the good work.

Notting Hill Housing

I just want to thank you for your excellent facilitation yesterday. You have probably heard it many times, but you are really a joy to work with!
Javina Sehgal

Assistant Director, NHS Brent

Thanks for a stimulating day... your presentation style, charisma and humour kept me (and everyone else) focused all day long! I learnt a lot about how the team can shape the future but also about how to facilitate a long meeting at optimum performance. Although your biography speaks for itself, it’s your spirit which made the day educational, inspirational and enjoyable for me and everyone else too.

Team Away Day, London Borough of Hounslow

Miffa has such a focussed energy about her... I look forward to her putting us through our paces!
Board Member

Cripplegate Foundation

As a facilitator, Miffa has an unbelievable amount of energy and an innate ability to interact with different type of people. Thank you for the Away Day. It was a real pleasure being present.

Team Away Day, Westminster City Council

Your style as a facilitator is superb and fully inclusive.
Linda Boxer

Royal Free Hospital

I have had a lot of positive reports following the Away Day which I thought went really well. You managed to engender a great feeling of enthusiasm... and the meeting note leaves us no excuses for not getting on with it. It’s given us both a work plan and a communication brief.
Sarah Timms

Director, Haringey and Islington Community Health Services

A huge thank you... We had a great day and the feedback was fantastic. As always you did an amazing job of making sure everyone was included and had their say.
Amanda Davies

Group Chief Executive, Seren Group

I really appreciate all your thoughts and care – and am quite dazzled by your ability to speak my language so beautifully and helpfully! Thank you.

Thank you for today. There was wide consensus that you were excellent and perfect for the task.
Lizzie Noel

Mayoral Adviser on Social Action & Volunteering
Greater London Authority

Thanks for a fab day – you are a star – everyone commented on your expertise and energy.
Dr Nick Losseff

Medical Director, Secondary Care
NHS North Central London

Thank you for all your hard work, energy and enthusiasm that helped to make Friday such a huge success. I have really enjoyed working with you again and staff seemed to really enjoy the sessions and get a lot out of them.
Fiona Wrighton

Head of Communication
One Housing Group

You were so fantastic that we ended up with reflected glory from your superb facilitation! Everything was perfectly executed and absolutely top class.
Judith Moran

Chief Executive
Quaker Social Action

I genuinely think that you have given me a way of thinking about my journey so far that will shape where I go in the future. Thank you!
Thanks for your fantastic facilitation of the strategic alliance event. You were absolutely fabulous and helped create a real energy to take forward something quite new in East London. I so appreciated your leadership, guidance and help.
Heather Richardson

Director of Strategy
St Joseph’s Hospice